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Handsworth Secondary – Printmaking Workshops | November 2018

Over the course of 2 days in November 2018, I taught 2 printmaking workshops to the students at Handsworth Secondary School in North Vancouver. The Grade 12 class explored the versatility of watercolour monotypes, including ghost printing, by creating dystopic landscapes, while the Grade 9-10 students were introduced to the collagraph by building plates that combined landscapes of various shapes and textures with figures that were later inked up separately and printed together.


“I had the privilege of having Maria join my Drawing & Painting 12, and Art 9/10 students for an exciting 2-day workshop of printmaking techniques.  Maria shared her works and her stories, and showed my students the fundamentals of the world of printmaking through watercolour monotypes and collagraphs. Maria was sensitive, motivational, and inspiring in her interactions and demonstrations with my students. We are so lucky to have had her as our visiting artist!”

– Kory Bogen, Visual Arts Teacher, Handsworth Secondary School