Previous Work


My practice has, for the most part, combined figures and landscape.

Echo is a large body of paintings created after I graduated. The work is an investigation into the mutability of memory and how the act of remembering often comprises more than just a single moment. The work is largely based on photographs of my early childhood, my home in the Quebec Laurentians, and time spent with family in Denmark.

In this series, the staining and layering that I had experimented with a bit during my undergrad became more critical aspects of my method while the practice of painting the canvas in its entirety gave way to incorporating voids as a way of speaking to the ephemeral quality of memory itself.



Study of a Doorway and two Xolos, is 22.5″ by 22.5″ and is my second attempt at combining printmaking elements with painting. It was produced in May of this year.

It signals a departure from working on canvas or panel to painting on paper traditionally used for printmaking in order to facilitate running the work through the press. Other new considerations include the balance of the paint and mark-making in all areas of the work as well as its shape, the positioning of its central figure within that space and ways of implying a dialogue between the figures.

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