Log Entry III, DK 2016

Staying in Ribe for the final leg of my journey before heading to Copenhagen for two nights and then home. Here I have occupied myself with day trips, one to the island of Fanø and another planned for northern Germany on Friday, while I continue to make small sketches, paintings and rubbings, documenting the process and other elements of interest with slide film. My uncle and aunt are each working on commissions – one a large installation in the Ny Kirkegaar (cemetery), the other on a granite and glass sculpture in the nearby port town of Esberg – and in the evenings we talk together with a steady stream of visitors about art, our practices, travel and the like. I have also availed myself of their extensive library and took in an exhibition on Denmark’s Golden Age at the Ribe Kunstmuseum.

The workshop open-house in Tversted was a big success with over 200 visitors and I demonstrated various printmaking techniques from early morning until late afternoon. I made use of several of the presses and other tools, many of them new to me as they were originally intended for other purposes. This proved useful when composing the first draft of the printmaking workshop and exhibition proposal. If all goes well, this will take place mid October, 2017.

It has been an invigorating and productive 5 1/2 weeks and now I am ready to come home to my own bed and familiar surroundings bringing with me new work, ideas for more and the experience of the adventure itself. On my last night I will meet three of my cousins for dinner – sushi! – which will set the tone nicely for my return to Vancouver.