Group Critique I (Jan. ’16)

These first two paintings of the new term are a continuation of my exploration into combining images from personal and public archives through montage. The first is created on paper using pencil, gouache and acrylic, and measures 30″ x 21.5″. The second iteration of the same theme is on mylar, also in pencil, gouache and acrylic. It measures 36″ x 24″.

Other differences beside the substrate used and the size include the cropping of the original slide from my personal archive and the image selected from the public one; its placement, shape and colour.

With these works, I am interested in feedback concerning what specifically is functioning successfully in each and what is not – formally, thematically and aesthetically. Please compare and contrast. Additionally, does there exist a dialogue between the two and if so, what is that exchange?

I look forward to your comments.