Individual Tutorial (Jan. ’16)

Basking: “My Mother and Jaqueline Kennedy, 1967” – “Early Morning Beijing and Self Portrait, 2015”

These four smaller works in pencil and gouache on paper each measure 13″ x 11″ and are intended to be viewed as a single work comprised of two sets. If exhibited, I imagine them in a single line in the same sequence as they appear above, with a slightly larger space between the sets as would exist between the pairs. They are the first in a series of iterations that explore how images from the private and public archive in separate works can operate together to trouble our understanding of memory — its transience and reliability. Of specific concern for me with these works are how they function differently from the single image in which the private and public are connected through montage and whether this new strategy is effective. Also of interest are the formal concerns of composition and the use of colour as well as gaze.

Thank you.