Independent Study – Synopsis

The 6 weeks spent in Denmark provided lots in the way of generative experiences, chief among which were working in-situ and collaborating with other artists.

Unexpectedly, the time it afforded me to read, journal and reflect on my practice was most productive of all. Long periods of uninterrupted solitude allowed me to quietly digest feedback – to sift through what felt relevant, sustainable and authentic. It also furnished the space in which to re-assess the way forward through experimentation with materials, documented observations and discussions with colleagues invested in their own practices and communities.

The result has been a modest but important shift in my methodology and since my return home I have been engaged in material and theoretical exploration that continues to evolve. I have met with my supervisor to discuss the changes and visited with Heather Smith, a full-time MAA student whose practice overlaps formally and thematically with my own. The new work has been vetted by Monique Motut-Firth and Gareth Long and I have studio visits planned with Randy Cutler and Simon Levin next week.

Promotional material has been drawn up for the two printmaking workshops proposed for autumn 2017 and my Danish colleague is working hard to attract enrollment. Should the classes move ahead, it looks likely that I will be offered the chance to exhibit while there. Lastly, I was granted a TA position at Emily Carr University next term and met with the instructor, artist Nick Conbere, to discuss the teaching plan for his 3rd-year studio drawing class.