Group Critique II (Feb. ’16)


These new works are collectively called Emancipation: My Danish grandmother at Camp Winnipesaukee and Gloria Steinem, Life Magazine, 1969, and are meant to be viewed together. The first measures 21.5″x21.5″, the second 30″x21.5″, and both are pencil and gouache on paper.

A continuation of my practice’s representation of memory, its fallibility and elusiveness, these latest works examine how the merging of images from private and public archives can operate together outside of the single montage. How the personal and the universal dialogue with each other as well as whether this exchange allows for the liberation of additional meaning when viewed as one work.

Feedback on whether that narrative exists for you, what that is and how it affects you would be appreciated here. Also, any thoughts on this configuration versus the montage are welcome.

See below for details on both images.