My Process

My work explores personal memory and a desire for belonging connected with childhood by re-imagining family photographs and slides as painted and printed works on paper. I create distance from this source material by embellishing upon the original archive, adding details from my imagination, dreams and other sources using various techniques and mixed media. Through the creation of these imagined contexts of origin, my work investigates what aspects of re-membering’s largely personal process might be shared. At stake is how these traces of the past function to generate an experience of longing when we search them for a connection to that past. I intend for the work to move beyond its solid, singular objecthood and into a place of shifting possibilities.

Application of ink onto the plate
Wiping excess ink using tarlatan
Close-up of wiping process
Once wiped, ink remains only in the etched grooves
Pulling the print through  the press
The image after it has been pulled through the press
Edition with 2 colours
Close-up of image  with 2 colours
Edition with 3 colours
Close-up of image  with 3 colours