BFA Grad Project

Best Before


1637 8450 0306 1218

This code directly references the printmaking process and this print installation in particular.

The number of colours used

The weight of the zinc plates used to etch the image

The number of layers used to create this multi-plate image – 3 plates and one stamp.
Also the number of printing techniques: aquatint, soft-ground, hard-ground line etch and relief

The number of prints in the edition

3 / 6
The pressure of the press / the positioning of the drum on the press to create the desired impression on the paper

12 / 18
The size of each plate

  • The code also acts as metaphor for the best before dates we use to determine food’s freshness.
  • The use of numbers speaks to one of the predominant ways in which we relate to our food – size, weight, quantity.
  • The font and numerical organization mimics that of a credit or debit card pointing to our relationship with food through our role as consumer twice over.
  • In addition, the reference to monetary transactions infers the power we have to change food production – voting with our dollars for healthy, humane options.